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Why A Custom Paint By Numbers Kit May Be The Best Gift You Can Give To Your KidWhy A Custom Paint By Numbers Kit May Be The Best Gift You Can Give To Your Kid

Paint by numbers is a popular DIY painting kit sold in North America today. And what makes these items so loved by many is that it allows you to create stunning masterpieces even if you’re not an artistic savant. Other than that, it can also be a great gift idea to give to your kid.

Read more as we are going to share some reasons why a custom paint by numbers kit may be the best gift you can give to your kid in today’s post.

A Brief History Of Paint By Numbers

You may have heard about paint by numbers even during your childhood days, but does not really know how it came about. Well, allow us to share a brief history of this sought after art kit.

The paint by numbers concept was originally created in the 1950s by Dan Robbins. He was a commercial artist in Detroit who was hired by Max Klein to draw for children’s books and then sell paints at the same time. So Robbins devised a hobby kit concept where he can promote Klein’s paint products. And as a result, the custom paint by numbers kit was born.

Reasons Why Paint By Numbers Can Be A Perfect Gift For Children

1. It Teaches Your Child To Appreciate Art At An Early Age

Giving paint by numbers kit to your child is an excellent way of introducing him/her to the world of art. And it actually makes sense since children love to draw and scribble at this stage, which makes it an appropriate gift that they can play and learn with at the same time.

Moreover, providing your kid with art kits like paint by numbers allows them to discover their artistic talents without being too pushy. In a way, these kits will enable them to unleash their artistic skills naturally, which can also allow them to express their creative skills and talents when they grow old.

2. It Awakens Their Inner Da Vinci or Picasso

As recently mentioned, paint by numbers can serve as the key to unlocking your child’s artistic tendencies. And even if they don’t know how to draw or paint, all they have to do is to fill the paint according to the corresponding number in the canvas and they’re good to go. Who knows they may be the next Da Vinci or Picasso in the making?

And the kit does not only encourage them to appreciate art as it also teaches them to be creative, patient, to be able to follow instructions, which are vital qualities that can help them to become productive individuals in the future.

3. Provides A Healthy Break For Smartphones And Mobile Gadgets

We live in a modern world full of digital distractions from social media to online games. And without a doubt, your child may also be preoccupied with these online activities through their smartphones and tablets.

That’s the reason why presenting your child with a paint by number kit as a gift is recommended since it gives them a healthy diversion from the unnecessary use of mobile phones and the internet which can harm their eyes and stagnate their minds if done excessively.

And these are the reasons why a custom paint by numbers kit can be considered as a perfect gift for your kid.

Children’s Party Ideas You Can Do Using Licorice Rope CandiesChildren’s Party Ideas You Can Do Using Licorice Rope Candies

Have you ever had a good laugh when you saw your kids having a great time attending their friend’s party? And while you’re thinking of this occasion, you may think of some sort of dramatic presentation for your kid’s birthday party.

Children’s party ideas using licorice rope candies are definitely something to consider, especially if you are going for a more whimsical child-friendly theme. They will surely make the event bright and cheery and will certainly add to the overall fun factor of the day.

Read more as we’ll tackle this topic in today’s post.

How To Make The Party More Fun And Interesting With Chewy Strands Of Licorice

The good thing about this particular party theme is that it can bring out lots of fun for the little ones. It can start by having them play the “pin the tail on the donkey” with a strand of licorice rope being used as the tail.

And instead of having the usual “draw a funny picture” game, why not let the kids draw their faces while using licorice rope strands as hair? Through these activities, your kids and friends will learn how to express themselves while playing and having a great time.

Aside from that, children’s party ideas using licorice ropes can also include activities that have been handed down through generations. Take for instance, these fun kid’s games like “the ring around the Rosy”, “red light, green light’, and many more.

And if you have an extra budget to spare, the party games involving licorice ropes can also include various themed merchandise to be given as prizes and party favors for the kids who have attended the party. Some examples of these are t-shirts with licorice rope designs, licorice berry beads, licorice rope necklaces, licorice rope friendship bands, and etc.

And Why We Recommend This Type Of Theme For Your Kid’s Next Party

The good thing about this particular party theme is that children will surely love them. After all, licorice ropes are nothing new to kids, so the little ones will surely get excited the moment they’ll know about this kind of party.

As we all know, kids love to eat candy and be given toys while enjoying their time at the party. But you don’t have to worry as licorice is a type of healthy snack. And they are also known to be the ultimate comfort food for children and adults.

Of course, you’ll have to serve other kinds of foods aside from licorice, but make sure to stay true to the theme. We suggest you to find ways to incorporate licorice ropes in the food choices like spider cupcakes, mini-fruit baskets (with strands of licorice ropes being used as handles), candy pizza, licorice-flavored ice cream, licorice wands, rice crispy treat candy cake with licorice ropes used as decorative elements, and other dessert offerings.

And there you have it! We hope you’ll be able to make use of the tips we have shared here to make your kid’s party memorable to all the guests.